YourGuide To Buying The Best Handheld Aviation Radio

Submitted by Admin on Mon, 10/01/2018 - 05:17

Pilots nowadays are extremely dependent upon the electronic aviation handheld devices. They don’t just help the flyers during a hard time but is the best way to stay connected with the outside world. Apart from containing the basic features like GPS for real-time navigation, VHF for the voice connectivity as well as satellite radio to provide better weather ideas, the best handheld aviation radio must be up to the mark as per today’s enhanced technology. Till the time you are flying an old model, you are on point, but as soon as you plan to transit from it, you definitely need to get an improved communication and navigation unit.


Here is what you must focus on while buying the best handheld aviation radio.

  • Availability of a good battery life

Well, this is the prior thing that you must focus upon before buying the device. This is because your trips are uncertain. You must get a device which is always power loaded and keeps you connected in tough time. A device with low powered battery would not withstand the critical situations for long. Moreover, it will keep you concerned about charging the device again and again. So keep this in mind!

  • Must provide audio alerts and manage audio gains

Audio quality can generally disrupt depending upon the height and weather conditions. If you don’t want to lose connections, then always choose a device which supports best audio quality and features. You must get instant audio alerts and notifications through the device.

  • Less expensive and dedicated GPS services

Earlier, there used to be various devices, one that can go perfectly well on the ground, while the others that go for sky navigation only. However, today you can get a device either with dedicated GPS service or with both the features. Moreover, keep the budget factor in mind and then select the best handheld aviation radio.

These are some of the tips, which can definitely help you in selecting the best handheld aviation radio!