A Guide on Ear Stretching

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There are many people who mull overstretching their ears, just because they like the look. Below is the simple guide on how to do the EAR STRETCHING   safely and with little pain. However, it is always recommended that you seek assistance from the piercing experts prior to the process in order to avoid the messing around with your ears. There are many good kits available that lets you stretch your ears safely. You may consider these kits and follow the below guide to complete the process successfully.

source: graziadaily.co.uk

Guide on Ear Stretching

  • The very first thing is that you need to get your piercing done prior to starting the EAR STRETCHING   process. If you have not done the piercing in your ears, then get it done and wait until it is healed before starting the stretching process.      
  • Now when it is healed it is the time for the stretcher and most of the piercing holes are 1.6mm wide. But it is necessary for you to know the exact size of the hole prior to getting the stretcher.
  • You need to choose the best steel tapers which are the best stretchers to use. Before using the tapers you need to know the measurement of both wide and smallest end. It is always recommended for you to purchase stainless steel stretcher as it will never attract the bacteria.
  • Start the process gradually and stretch the ear without making your ear bleeding. Take a moist warm cloth and hold your ears and start the stretching process so as to promote circulation and soften the earlobes. 
  • You may also use lubricant in the taper which makes it slippery and easy to make holes in the earlobes.


This is the small guide on how to do Ear Stretching. You may also seek the help of experts in the field.