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Things You Should Know Before Visiting Bali

Bali is close to heaven to people who want to experience all the scenic beauties possible in nature. Talk about magnificent beaches, forests, waterfalls, volcanic mountains this small tropical island can beat any other tourist place with ease. No wonder it has been among world’s top destinations. And the best part, everything is double cheap over here. So if you need a budget vacation abroad, Bali is for you.


Source : Google.com
Source: google.com


Eat. Pray. Love’ - Balinese people follow this mantra and so do the tourists once they reach there. You will tritely enjoy this place if planning is done right. So before you visit Bali, check these tips before you visit Bali.

  1. Do not miss the Sansur sunrise:

Every time would feel like once in a lifetime. This one scene you wouldn’t want to miss. Even the locals don’t. So set your alarm for 5 am.


  1. Street food at night will make you feel like the celebration:  

Bali local delicacies at night markets will satisfy your appetite as well as taste buds without spending a fortune. Food is a celebration.


  1. The best clubs, cocktails, and parties:

Bali serves some of the best cocktail drinks. Visit grand nightclubs in Kuta and Seminyak join the wildest parties.


  1. Beware of the hawkers:

Although it’s cheap mostly if you have no intentions to buy, don’t even ask the price.  The desperate hawkers will follow you until you buy.


  1. The Captivating culture:

Balinese people are very religious. You will often find roads shops closed and roads blocked and a bunch of people in costumes dancing around to make a street show which is probably a part of their ritual. Also, the place is filled with temples.

So this was our best Bali tour guide. Take notes to have the best of your experience. Other than that, Bali is a wonderful place to be in, and your heart will bring you back here for more.