Learn the process of investigation using computer forensics

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The application of investigation and analysis techniques to preserve and collect data which are pieces of evidence from a particular electronic device which is legal. The goal is to perform an investigation to gather information from a computing device without any loss or damage to the device and the data. It has a wide range of applications as technology is involved in the day to day lives and a filed like computer science is a safety to the developing technology.

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Use of computer forensics

Organization worldwide has commercialized the use of forensics to extract its benefits in a variety of situations and cases. Some of those follow:

  • Intellectual property theft
  • Industrial espionage
  • Forgeries
  • The investigation related to bankruptcy
  • Fraud investigations
  • Disputes of employment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Inappropriate emails and usage of internet

Stages involved in an examination

Following is the order in which the examination is performed in a computer forensics process:

  • Readiness: It is the first step where the clients are provided guidance and education about how the system of computer forensics works.
  • Evaluation: The clarification and revival of information along with all the risk analysis using the roles and resources which evaluates the resources.
  • Collection: The data needs to be gathered and collected so that it can be analyzed further.
  • Analysis: Usage of various tools and approaches to provide information from the evidence collected. The tools used should be calibrated and tested regularly.
  • Presentation: This involves the production of a detailed report on the data collected and the information retrieved.
  • Review: The final review is important to conclude the process of computer forensics at this stage cannot be overlooked or disregarded.


The computer forensics investigators or specialists or analysts are responsible for uncovering and describing the information existing on a digital platform mainly computers. It had found its applications with promising results in all possible technical fields.