Reasons Why Fortnite Android Is Better Than PUBG

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 06:09

Fortnite, a game released by Epic Games, is a fun to play Battle Royale which fusion of one of the most well-known and widely played games in the market right now. The game started out in 2017 but started gaining a ton of attention in 2018. It soon came out to be the #1 Battle Royale, surpassing giants like PUBG. Not only is it fun to play, but it’s also fun to watch, making it one of the most streamed games on the platform ‘Twitch.’ One of the main reasons for its success has been its overall design. Fast-Paced gameplay with colourful graphics and a gist to be the last person alive has been a rather fun experience for gamers all over the world.

But lets, from an introspective, look at why Fortnite was able to outgun PUBG in the ‘Battle Royale’ segment.


Why Fortnite edged PUBG


  • Free-to-play - Not all the titles available are a free-to-play type. PUBG too is a paid battle royale game. This makes PUBG less accessible to the people with a lower income. On the other hand, a lot of gamers can viably afford to play Fortnite as their major title.
  • Not buggy - Unlike PUBG, Fortnite has a beautifully orchestrated code which doesn’t fail during gameplay. It has lesser or zeroes bugs when compared to PUBG.
  • Availability - Fortnite is available on several gaming platforms like iOS, Android, Xbox, PS, Nintendo, PC. While PUBG too is available now, Fortnite has already gained a considerable market segment by releasing before PUBG on particular platforms like fortnite android.
  • Updates - Epic Games has made the game very dynamic. It was only because of regular updates that the game was able to appeal to its target audience. Frequent updates make it enjoyable for players to play.

These are the main reasons why Fortnite was able to gain a significant edge over titles like PUBG.