3 Best Spam Filter to Be Used For Windows

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 08:40

Do you ever feel so irritated when you have to get done with all the unwanted e-mails flooding your inbox and then the next morning you again notice a big junk of emails waiting for your attention? This might happen because you may have subscribed or followed some news emails or pages that you may never even visit again. These pages, order to keep traffic constant in their content, tend to mail people with their advertisements, updating, etc. which you would not really require. Apart from this, you also receive so many emails that could contain malware or virus which would prove to be very hazardous for your mail as well as the system you are using to check your emails.

source: whitehatssupport.com

Therefore, to keep these concerns out of your way, you need a spam filter that would automatically delete emails coming from sources that need to be answered. There are many filters available in the market lately, but there are some that should have your special attention in order to get the best spam filter experience.

  • Mail washer:

This spam filter is very much compatible with clients and programs. This filter is a favourite of many and is a very effective way of getting rid of spams and unwanted emails in your inbox. It works fine with Yahoo, Gmail, Windows, Hotmail, etc.

  • Spam fighter:

This filter has been partnered with Microsoft and is compatible with many mail options such as Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, etc. This is considered to be the best spam filter developed yet. The program is free of cost and contains an option for many languages as well.

  • Spam experts:

This is one filter that works absolutely flawless if you use Windows. It gives you protection against spam, virus, malware, etc.


Consider the above-mentioned options when getting yourself a spam filter and make emailing much easier.