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The ideal features for the best

Before beginning the experience of trading in a Forex platform, it is very important to choose that one which is regulated, trusted and used by many currency traders in the market currently. For the newbie traders in the field, they must look at the user-friendliness of the platform and how well acquainted can they get into the same. The following are considered to be the six pointers for deciding the best platform: -

  1. Regulation, where a regulatory body regulates the activities of all of the traders and hence determines the authenticity of the platform.
  2. Proper information and notifications about the spread of the currency, so that the requisite profits can be earned by all of the traders.
  3. A superior class of customer service and client satisfaction, including the clearing of all of the client queries in faster durations.
  4. Sleek interface with easy features to make one get acquainted with the same quite fastly
  5. Easy opening and maintenance of the account

Best Forex broker uk


For the citizens of UK, the Best Forex broker UK include the following: -

  1. XTB- Based on MT4 and WebTrader platforms, it is the most popular one in the UK due to its five-star rating on the trust pilot, even spreads throughout the trading phase and availability of the funds easily in the segregated accounts. It is available in demo and standard accounts.
  2. AvaTrade- It is the next in line, due to the availability of more than 200 instruments to trade and well-defined regulations in 5 continents of the world. It has all the three types of accounts i.e. fixed, micro and standard ones.

  1. Plus500- Apart from the above-mentioned features, it also has a guaranteed stop order and zero commission on withdrawal and deposits. It is suitable for use even in the tablets.
  2. Etoro- It is known as one of the largest social trading brokers in the UK and has a huge investor base. It has only fixed type of deposits and allows accounts of all of the three types.